Dairy Consultancy

Farm Supervision

With three of our sub-contractors actively running dairy farms of their own we have the coal face experience and skills being essential for a quality farm supervision service.

Cashflow Management

When you are looking to improve the bottom line you need to budget accurately and link this with the management plan. Our consultants are very familiar with Concept Cash Manager, Xero and MYOB. We prefer to work alongside the clients ensuring they retain full hands on control of the finances.

Financial Benchmarking

A peer review is an excellent means of checking to see if your farm is running efficiently. When dairy payout fluctuates and “fixed” costs keep rising, knowing how you compare is very helpful. We are constantly updating our database with information from updated cashflows, rather than waiting to analyse year end accounts. This keeps the “Cost of Production” profile constantly refreshed.

Business Planning

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither is a successful dairy farming business. There are so many facets to a growing dairy farming business, and we see the benefits from using a formal process to bring these components together.

Farm Succession

The transition from one generation to another is rarely a single event. It happens of years or even decades. Getting this process right is about having a good strategy on day one. Understanding the process is vital.

Baker & associates is putting more resources and extra training in this area. We offer a new service in Succession Facilitation where the family wants a more consultative approach. We also help with the structure and financial mechanics but this comes second.

Having an agreed and well understood plan comes first.

Physical Systems Planning

Every farm have its own unique features, how do you customise a plan that is truly adapted to the resources available? Our team takes an individual approach using various computer tools and our knowledge of the industry to work with our clients, developing and implementing. See our Dairy System Monitoring (D.S.M) page.

Resource Management

New Zealand dairy farmers pride themselves on being good caretakers of the land. Increasing legislation around “best practise” puts a compliance requirement into this process.

Our practise utilises the Overseer software and Pond Calculator to help with the immediate tasks around nutrient management. We regularly work with clients in the application for resource consents in all the normal operational areas of dairy farming.

We also maintain a close association with specialists where a referral is appropriate.

Feed Budgeting

Turning grass efficiently into milk is a challenge that is very measurable and demands good management. Our consultancy service in this area aims to put flexible systems in place, not just a one-off recipe. A coaching service is available for larger scaled farms to train their managers of the future.

Technical Data

Our team is very familiar with the constantly changing information and technical data in areas such as fertiliser, pasture renewal, weed and pest, farm conversion, mapping, … We are available over the phone to answer those quick queries, and if we don’t know the answer immediately we will help to find it, often these quick referrals are at no fee.

Sharemilking and Equity Partnerships

Our client base is constantly evolving. We enjoy being a part of this process, and are able to help with finding the right people, and draft the appropriate agreements.


We have a large amount of experience in the putting together of farm leases. Further to this we have a database of comparable rental information to help the process of establishing fair market rentals.

Contact Details

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Email: team@bakerag.co.nz

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