PasturePro is a tool designed to assist farm businesses to achieve higher profitability through more effective decision-making. This is achieved through intensive on-farm monitoring supported by a structured decision-making process to improve the timing and accuracy of decisions. PasturePro uses Farmax in conjunction with Baker and Associates PasturePro database to provide accurate and timely planning and monitoring reports.


PasturePro promotes a discipline for regular, standardised recording of farm data, which enables farm businesses to:

  • Identify strategies to manage feed supply variability and address feed deficits and surpluses at certain times of the year;
  • Complete accurate cost: benefit analysis for various stock policy and feed supply options;
  • Forward plan with confidence using accurate historical data;
  • Improve confidence in decision-making through improved timeliness and accuracy of decisions;
  • Enable farm staff to contribute to overall management, especially where involved in data collection and interpretation;
  • Provide effective and timely reports to off-farm owners and stakeholders.

PasturePro plan can be tailored to suit your farm business.

Contact Details

PO BOX 900, SH2 Masterton
Phone: (06) 370 6880

Masterton Office (HQ)

State Highway 2
Higgins Complex

(06)  370 6880

Feilding Office

Level 1
8 Manchester Square

(06)  323 2220


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