Farm Leases

BakerAg has wide involvement with farm leases and many years of experience in managing leases for sheep, beef and dairy properties along with small holdings.

Our confidential database of lease rental details provides us with a guideline for new leases and rental reviews. Rentals are established using a formula that takes account of market evidence, the viability of the proposition and return on the lessor’s capital.

Each lease proposal needs to have regard to the landowner’s requirements, the condition of the property, and the lease terms and conditions.

Services Provided:

  • We are able to advise on appropriate terms and conditions that will meet parties’ needs.
  • Can assess the financial viability - based on factual data obtained through our FAB service.
  • For simple leases we can complete an agreement for parties to check with their legal advisor, or we will draw up and recommend the key terms and conditions for your solicitor to incorporate in a lease agreement.
  • We will manage the establishment of a lease by preparing a proposal used to seek “expressions of interest” whether by private treaty or tender.
  • We can advertise and screen applications on behalf of clients.
  • We can assist in managing the lease by undertaking annual inspections, resolving issues and providing accurate records for both parties.
  • Undertake rent reviews.
  • Act as a mediator/conciliator in a dispute.
  • Represent either lessee or lessor where a dispute is required to be settled by arbitration.

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